Beard Care Info

Beard Care Information

All of our Beard Oils and Balms are hand crafted with natural carrier oils, butters, waxes, essential oils or fragrant oils and enriched with Vitamin E. 

*Ingredients from Canadian suppliers.

Each of our Beard Oil scents have a matching Beard Balm.  Try them separate or together.  They are Rock N' Roll inspired and therefore named after different genres of Rock music:

Classic - Cedar wood

Hard - Fresh Mint

Industrial - Barbershop Fresh

Metal - Sandalwood

Southern - Orange Vanilla

Canadian - Evergreens

Garage - Root Beer

Indie - Coffee

Hip Hop - Grape

Shock -Pumpkin Spice


* for best results, first apply Beard Oil into a clean but dry beard, and then add Beard Balm for a gentle hold and the ultimate Beard perfection!  A little goes a long way but having said that, too much won't hurt you either!  Re-apply as needed or desired!

*Allergy Caution: Products may contain Almond Oil, Almond Butter and Shea Butter.  Check Container for Ingredients

Q & A about Beard Products

Is Beard Oil bad for your skin and will it cause pimples?

The Answer is no. It is actually the opposite. Natural Beard Oils contain carrier and essential oils that have many advantages for you facial hair and skin.  Essential oils are actually known to reduce or prevent acne, among other numerous benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety.

Does Beard Oil promote growth?

Although nothing can change the rate a which you hair grows, beard oils containing Jojoba and Argan oil (which ours do) help create the conditions for healthy growth.  This means less breakage so your beard will appear thicker and longer faster.

Why should I use Beard Products?

Natural Beard Products hydrate the skin preventing beard itch or flakiness.  It helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does double-duty as a styling agent.  The oil acts as a moisturizer that goes straight to the hair follicle and prevents hair from growing brittle.  In summary - your beard will be healthier, it will look better, it will feel better and it will smell great!!