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Hey Everyone!  You maybe reading this on our site please click the link in the title. If you are receiving this Blog Post by Email it is likely because you purchased something from Wicked Valley and you were awesome enough to give us your Email address and have accepted our marketing request! 

We are new to this Blogging thing and we are learning as we go.  So please have some patience with us and we will try our best to keep this rockin'!

We thought this may be a good way to talk about information related to our products & apparel, discuss changes to website, social media advances, or updates on new products coming your way!


New Stuff!!

First off we have activated customer reviews on each of our product pages on our website.  Please leave comments and reviews and you can give each product a "star rating" out of 5 also if you wish!

We are also offering another "pay option" at checkout.  Google Pay is now available for those of you with Google accounts.

For PayPal users who wish send funds for special orders that are not available on the website - we have also created a PayPal.Me link to make payment easier and remaining securely protected:



We recently put our products back on our "Store"  section of our Facebook page you may have noticed was missing for some time after we switched our website site provider.  You will also find product links on our future Instagram posts that should bring you right to our website product pages.

We have had a few distant customers looking for free shipping.  Since we are a small company it is difficult to make this feasible economically, but we value all of our customers and therefore we have added a free shipping code for all of Canada for orders over $74.99.  Enter in the following code at Check out or click on the link below:





Some of you may have seen we have a new scent line of Beard Care Products called "Garage Rock".  This scent is made with Birch Oil that gives it a smell very similar to Root Beer.  We also launch our first Shampoo at the same time with more to come!



 We have more exciting stuff coming soon, like a new body butter scent, more shampoo & conditioners, Mother's day gift sets and more!

We encourage your feedback so please feel free to send us your comments, reviews, or suggestions!  

Thanks again,


Tommy Coules

Wicked Valley






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Love Wicked Valley!

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